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In this episode of the Corine van Zoelen podcast am i talking to Giovana Vega. Giovana is a bestselling author, award-winning trader, certified forex trader, and crypto educator. She’s been residing in the Netherlands since 1997, learned Dutch, and held a finance position managing trading at a corporation in Amsterdam. Recently featured in Forbes England for advocating financial education for women worldwide, she’s the founder of the “Amsterdam Abundance Summit,” organizing an annual conference to promote financial empowerment.

Additionally, she founded “Trading for Women,” a holistic financial education platform, teaching trading, investing, and money management in a practical and effective manner to improve quality of life. Using tools she developed, such as educational books, digital, and audio products, she aims to help individuals achieve their desired outcomes efficiently and enjoyably, enhancing the learning process.

She has co-authored four books on the topic of women’s empowerment, including Awaken the Lioness Within, which has skyrocketed and become an Amazon bestseller; she has also taken part in a documentary film to be released by PBS TV in the USA. She has written three books as sole author: Trading for Success: 8 Secrets Why Women are Better Forex Traders, Financial Planning for Her, and Money Planner for Her. She is currently writing her next book about FinTech which will be released soon.

Regularly appears as a guest on the Dutch national channel RTL4. Furthermore, she has been highlighted in other foreign publications, including Forbes. In order to talk at TEDxAmsterdamWomen, she was chosen as one of the 10 finalists. Giovana is the leader of her platform that connects businesswomen and professionals worldwide. As the Director of the Year and an Inspirational Business Woman, Giovana has received awards from the UK twice.

GIOVANA’S EXPERTISE: People & Community; Female Investor and Trader / Women Empowerment; Networking; Speaking; Mentoring; Financial Awareness Blogging.

GIOVANA’S INTERESTS: Financial Awareness, Fintech, WellTech, Startups, Tech, Investing, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse & NFT’s

More about Giovana you will find at her site:
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